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Embrace the future of blockchain adoption and enjoy the benefits without any friction.



The thrill of play-to-earn fused with classic gaming mechanics for valuable interactions.



Customize traits, unlock rarity, and elevate your gameplay while increasing asset value.

0101 Labs is an emerging blockchain gaming studio putting IP and verifiable ownership into the hands of every player. Our ultimate shooter is in development.

0101 Labs is an emerging blockchain development studio putting IP and true ownership into the hands of every player. Our ultimate shooter is in development.

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Ian Issa

Ian Issa CEO

Immersed in crypto since 2016, Ian serves as a pro consultant for Web3 projects & as CEO, Ian shapes general 0101 Labs strategy & execution.

Jack Patnoe Headshot

Jack Patnoe CFO

With 3 years of cryptocurrency experience & a background in math & statistics, Jack focuses on financial management & marketing activations.

Ian Issa Headshot

Graham Foster CTO

Graham is a developer & entrepreneur holding a CS degree from UCSB  with 3 years of experience with various web3 projects.

Nick Halphide Headshot

Nick Halphide CpO

As a seasoned crypto investor and passionate game developer, Nick leads operational mechanics for 0101 Labs as our Head of Product Development.

Ian Issa Headshot

Asad Denova VFX

Asad is a multi-disciplinary 3D artist with 13 yrs experience with Fortune 500 companies. He crafts VFX & GFX for 0101 Labs.

Mat Paul

Mat Paul advisor

Mat is a seasoned entrepreneur serving as Head of Strategy at Unix Gaming & COO at Yaga Games while advising 0101 Labs.

Kapil Dhiman

Kapil Dhiman advisor

Built the Metaverse startup of the Year 2023. Keynote speaker, Advisor to startups, Author. 4X founder and Ex Web3.0 Leader at PWC


Mirna Mneimneh advisor

Mirna is an entrepreneur boasting 14 yrs of cross-industry experience & serves as 0101 Labs Global Specialist to expand impact.


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